How to win an argument—2019 careers—Marcus Aurelius—Google Keep

by Jarrett Retz January 2nd, 2019

1. How to win an argument

Stephen West making another shout out in the Quick Digs. He has two podcasts talking about different type of arguments people can make and how they are flawed. Very educational and interesting podcasts.

2. Career Change 2019

Wealthfront sent out an article listing some their picks for the emerging companies of 2019. They have a map showing how it's broken down by region in the U.S. The majority come out of the San Francisco area.

3. Marcus Aurelius

“A limit of time is fixed for you, which if you do not use for clearing away the clouds from your mind, it will go and you will go, and it will never return.”

Marcus Aurelius

4. Google Keep

Google has a ton of apps. I used to use Google Docs for my everyday notes, checklists, etc. However, for some time now I have been using Google Keep instead and have really enjoyed it. I have it in my browser of my computer, and as one of my 'Share' options on my phone so I can quickly save webpages with notes and tags. Oh, and it shows up on the side-bar in Google Calendar, and I use that religiously.

Hope everyone is excited for the new year, and remembers that everyday you have the chance to change your life.