Memory—Interesting books—Chris D'elia—How to Be a Stoic

by Jarrett Retz November 23rd, 2018

1. Memory Palace Video

I forgot why this technique came up recently, except for the fact that I still use it, but this was the video that first taught me about a memory palace. This guy has some other great videos on memory, which I really recommend looking at, because having the ability to store numbers, names, or other mnemonics to more complex thoughts can really be helpful. I feel funny stating something obvious, but improving your memory is useful, and many people never really give it a thought. Humans actually have an impressive visual memory system.

2. Books added to the never ending reading list

I was listening to Joe Rogan's podcast with William von Hippel and two interesting books came up (who knows when I will ever get around to reading them..) but the books are William von Hippel's book The Social Leap and a new book William mentioned called Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are by Robert Plomin.

3. Chris Delia Podcast - "Congratulations"

A friend of a friend introduced me to Chris D'elia's podcast last fall and I actually stopped listening to it after a few months. However, I listened to a part of a podcast recently and forgot how much I liked his style of humor.

4. How to Be a Stoic blog by Massimo Pigliucci

I was listening to Stephen West's podcast ("Philosophize This") and he interviewed Massimo Pigliucci, and he is a Professor of Philosophy at City University New York. This podcast was almost three years ago so he released a book with this title as well.

His website has some great videos, a ton to read, and I'm excited to discover some more of the content.