Sleeping Better—Hydrogen Power—Self Defense—Sandals

by Jarrett Retz March 23rd, 2019

1. Dr. Rhonda Patrick Podcast w/ Dr. Matthew Walker on Sleep

My sister recommended this podcast to me a little while ago. I had already listened to the book Sleep by Nick Littlehales, so I had a little bit of knowledge on the impact sleep has on the entire body. However, this podcast had even more great research. The advice to steer clear of sleeping pills seemed fairly intuitive, but not wearing sunglasses in the mornings was not a tip that I had heard before. Those are only small tips, but the discussion on the implications of poor sleep go much further.

2. The Islands That Run on Hydrogen

The article in link above article is from the BBC, but came my way through Back in college I became interested in hydrogen cars and other vehicles powered by hydrogen. I thought that the hydrogen-fuel-cell cars would compete with electric cars, but that has not been the case. There was, however, interesting work being done in harvesting hydrogen from gases emitted by fecal matter in sewage systems, and then storing that hydrogen to fuel the cars. Regardless, it's said that hydrogen is normally harvested in a manner that creates more pollution than it saves.

"The tiny island of Eday had a problem: Using wind and tidal turbines, it generated more clean energy than it could use. So now they strip hydrogen from water with that power, enough to run a fleet of vans for their fellow Orkney islanders and, in two years, a radically new hydrogen-powered ferry. What are the larger implications? Besides refocusing the islands from dependence on the North Sea oil industry, these pioneers can show the world how green energy can be stored rather than wasted when grids can’t take it."

3. Art of Manliness Podcast with Nick Hughes, "Be Your Own Body Guard"

I remember reading years ago that every man has imagined what they would do if a terrorist suddenly entered the room they were sitting in. This podcast was very interesting because it talks about that same awareness, or preparation for a high threat situation.

It also talks about basic self-defense, and how prevention is more important than an actual physical altercation. This seemed relevant because I had many ideas on how to avoid being 'selected' last month as a target in Austria & Germany last month. (as they talk about on the podcast the first step in prevention is avoiding 'selection'). Nick Hughes is an ex-bodyguard, ex-military, ex-French Foreign Legion, etc. and had been doing this kind of stuff for a long time.

4. My Chacos

Nothing special here. However, I was on a walk today thinking about how often I wear my Chacos, and reminiscing about how they've been with me through two moves to California (and back), hikes, camping trips, biking to work, Europe, and all the other day-to-day activities over the last 2+ years. You know, getting all sentimental about my footwear and what not (I get emotional thinking about the hiking boots I've had for 4+ years, too).

Regardless, they've been well worth it, so I wanted to give a little materialistic shout-out to some good footwear.

I hope there was something interesting, or useful, in the above post. I don’t publish this type of content very regularly, and I really try to consider the magnitude of each item before I do.