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October 11th, 2020Again, I sat down the week of my birthday and produced a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish in the next year...However, no matter the goal, all of them would be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in February and March of 2020.

Year 26

October 6th, 2019October marks the new year for me. Specifically, my birthday on Oct. 8. Seasonally speaking, it has made sense for me to do my goal evaluation and creation around my birthday. As the temperature drops, sky changes, and trees shed leaves, it's an easy time for me to construct new goals for myself. It's also an important time to take stock of the last year, and how I achieved, or went about achieving those goals.

Remembering How to Learn

July 7th, 2019I was sitting at my office desk getting very frustrated with using a Python library to accomplish a simple task. It was taking me WAY longer than I was expecting it to. The longer it took me, the more I was stacking my frustration: completely ignoring everything I had learned about learning.

Why Entrepreneurship: Nietzsche, Taleb, Deleuze, and Risk Tasking

May 7th, 2019If life treats someone in their twenties with relative ease there are innumerable possibilities. For many, life hasn't started clawing back yet, and many of our lives are still in the exciting phase of creation. I am a twenty-something year old, and obsessed with the creation of my life. Not my birth, but the circumstances that I have control of moving forward. The anxieties, expansions, and forays into new territory have provided me with meaning. Every little artifact of life that I seem to excavate seems to fuel the next excursion to a new site to dig at. Many of these steps into new territories have been the aftermath of podcasts and books.

Practical Pessimism : "The Premortem"

January 23rd, 2019I first tried to direct attention to this topic in one of my Book Notes posts. In the last month I have been cycling back through most of my book notes, trying to remind myself of the useful information, and have come across some forgotten gems.