Progress is a catch-all category for posts about self-improvement, philosophical thinking, and anything else that I could pass off as advice or recommendations.


BEWARE: "Focus on your strengths"

December 31st, 2018I'm not going to mess around because I have already thought about this one a lot recently. Here's my claim: people hide behind their strengths in order to avoid work and improve themselves. Additionally, they are unclear as to the potential gains that small improvements can have. Ok, I want to get down to the real juicy stuff, but I have to provide just a little context first. There will be many topics discussed here. Let's define a few things.

Sam Harris vs. Jordan Peterson Arguments and Thought Provoking Questions

December 28th, 2018Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson met in discussion a few months ago over four live discussions for a couple of hours each session. They discussed morals, ethical structures, religion, and science among other topics. The two seemed to be maneuvering around a critical point in their philosophies, which they tried to outline during their "steel-man" sessions, that raised a very interesting thought experiment.

Putting the Phone Down to Sketch

December 19th, 2018This post is going to be a beauty. Once again, I have replicated something plain and simple, (or as Chris Delia would say, "S'plain an' simp") and rebranded it as something new and worthwhile despite its apparent obviousness. I can only promise you that I have thought this one out. I considered not once, but twice, about just keeping this to myself as my own little hobby (that I hardly do), and reaping the benefits in my own unique way.

Recommendations For a Friend

December 17th, 2018I was talking to a friend recently, and he ended up asking me to send him my top five books that I think would be great life-improvement items. I said I would throw in my favorite talk, and include the podcasts I listen to, or listened to, that really have had a profound impact on me.

Important Things: How You Might Try to Understand Yourself

November 17th, 2018I was listening to one of Sam Harris's recent podcasts with Johann Hari titled "Addiction, Depression, and Meaningful Life". They began discussing a topic that I have read a fair amount about, and I started linking concepts across certain authors, and books, to the point where I wanted to expand on something important here. First off, Johann brought up the book Strangers to Ourselves by Timothy Wilson, which I had read after Malcolm Gladwell had recommended it on another podcast a couple years ago. My ears perked up because